Visualization of Geographic Information with VRML 97

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Note: This VRML model is optimized for CosmoPlayer. Other VRML browsers may not provide the full features of the model.

To view Energy Consumption (Cost, $) data:
1. Select Year from the menu button (this will reset the model to default state, if any option below has been selected).
2. Select the type of data visualization: Height by or Color by
3. Select a variable for the selected type of data visualization: Electricity, Water, or Natural Gas.
** After a year is selected you can click on a building to view the data text: Bldg Name, Electricity Cost, Water Cost, and Natural Gas Cost for the selected year. Reselecting "Year" or "Color by"'s variable will reset the selected building's color normal.
** Scale slider allows you to adjust scale of the building height data to fit you visual preference.
** After a Height variable is selected, you can use the slider above the Year button to view a different Year data.
** Or, you can play Height animation by click on Play button (far right of the Year buttons). While the animation is playing, you can change the variables in Height by and Color by menu. Year menu items and the year slider are inactive until the animation is stop by clicking on the Pause button.